Experience traveling Japan

In recent years Japan Tourism is always to make each guest’s Hot Tour Vietnam, especially during the cherry blossom season. Everyone wants to be once catch a glimpse cherry blossoms in full bloom with gentle aroma captivated travelers. By the beginning of April or the fall in Japan in November of each calendar year is the most beautiful cherry blossom. If you go to Japan should be excluded for a period of 7 to 10 days to be able to visit the best tourist attractions such as the popular Japanese capital, Tokyo, Osaka, capital of Kyoto, Mount Fuji and sights other name.


I. flights to Japan
Currently there are many airline operators flights to Japan with various flight segments such as:

Air Asia is the low-cost carrier. Fares sometimes only about 7 to 9 pp for a return flight. If you must go this airline Transit lot, waiting for the flight very laborious
Vietnam Airlines, the super promotional price cheapest roundtrip is about 12tr, nonstop.
Next is the 2 airlines JAL and ANA are two Japanese airlines have good promotion but also about US $ 550 ++ cheapest. But quality then you can not fault her.
Also many of you also choose China Airlines and Cathay Pacific but must transit, do not fly straight.
II. Visa to Japan
From May 7/2013 Japan has made new regulations more favorable to those Japanese travel visa. If you would like Visa First, the embassy will issue visas only 1 time only, the Japanese people a year go through 2-3 range, within 3 years continuously, will be considered for a visa to go repeatedly. The following is a Japanese visa application procedures:

1. Personal Papers:
Photo ID cards, the case took CMT additional driving license (required)
Original passport valid more than 6 months
02 shots on a white background not edit computer: 3.5 x 4.5 size (name and year of birth behind the photos and put one envelope – both external names to avoid confusion)
If spouses accompanying additional marriage certificate, no marriage certificate supplement household registration book
Additional children accompanying birth certificate
2. Demonstrate professional and jobs:
Business owners: business registration paper submission company
Work under the contract:
Labor contract
Decided to leave the company’s travel.
As students, student
The permission of the school absences, student card, student .., demonstrate fiscal parental
3. Demonstrate financial capability
Savings books amount equal or above $ 5,000 to send up to 3 months, a letter confirming the balance of bank deposits,
Red Book landscaping or the ownership certificate or other valuable assets (registered cars, stock …) original (if go first)
Recent cases have each member country OECD in the last 5 years or the national visa-OECD member valid shall be exempt from financial proof.
Travel cases covered by the company, if documentation ensure the managing company (establishment permit, certifying the account …) shall be exempt from financial evidence.
III. The tourist attractions of Japan
Japan is very wide, to go all the sights in Japan you will have to arrange a time to suit, in addition to health and depends on your weather.

1. Kyoto
Kyoto was the capital of Japan, previously also known as Heiankyo. Although ravaged by wars, fires and earthquakes during the 11th century, Kyoto was the capital but has not been ravaged by fire bombs during the Second World War. 2,000 temples and Buddhist Shinto shrine, as well as the palace, the garden and the structures intact, Kyoto is one of the city’s best-preserved Japan.

2. Mount Fuji
Mount Fuji or Mount Fuji is the highest mountain in Japan and is also well-known symbol of this country, with an elevation of 3776 meters. It is thought that the first person to reach the summit of this mountain is an anonymous monk. Before the Meiji era, because Fuji is a sacred mountain, women are not allowed to climb up the mountain. Today, this is a popular tourist destination and ideal for many climbers. To watch the panoramic mountains, the weather is an important factor deciding its beauty.


3. Osaka
The city has a population of 2.5 million, Osaka is the third largest city and second most important in Japan. It is also the economic center of the Kansai region for many centuries.

Since its founding in the 7th century, Osaka is the place where the commercial operation with foreign countries. Osaka region is the second largest area in Japan after Tokyo. The city is known for the delicious food, comedy and is the first place in Asia to host the International Exhibition EXPO. 1994 Kansai International Airport was inaugurated on artificial island in Osaka Bay, and this is a major gateway to welcome foreign visitors to Japan.

4. Tokyo
As the political center since 1603, Tokyo is the capital of Japan, and also the economic center and information. In the city center there is the Royal Palace, which used to be Edo Castle. Around the palace is Parliament, ministries and the business district. About 30 million people equivalent quarter of Japan’s population was living in Tokyo area. Most of the area of ​​Tokyo was destroyed in the Great Kanto Earthquake in 1923 and 1945 strikes.

Tokyo is an indispensable choice when you visit the country of Japan. Here you can shop with the famous cosmetic brand, the clothes branded Japan. especially to Tokyo then once try costume Kimono famous and photographed memories offline.

5. Nagoya
Nagoya is the largest city in the Chubu region. The strength of the region around the city of Nagoya is industry car manufacturing and other industries. The symbol of this city is Nagoya Castle, built in 1612 by Tokugawa leyasu from – Shogun Edo- first under the regime that ruled Japan during 270 years.

IV. Guide to Tokyo Metro
This site provides a roadmap that you can go from this station to another station, the same one but with much of the price difference.

His search for the route from Tokyo Station to Asakusa Station: travel expenses for this route is 190 yen, there are ways to go as follows:

Method 1: From Tokyo Station Marunouchi Line to Ginza use, then switch to the Ginza line to Asakusa station (total travel time: 24 minutes).
Method 2 & 3, the way you refer to the site but almost certainly will choose one for transfer line only 1 time.
1. Speedboat Shinkasen
Japan’s Shinkansen high-speed trains is kind, wheeled over rails specially reinforced 1,435mm standard. France’s TGV, which hit a record speed of 574.8km / h (not people) on April 3, 2007 during a test run with three carriages. But the TGV has not recorded in the Guinness Book of fastest speed of the railway sector. Why the Japanese maglev train is recognized as kind of buffer between maglev technology does not use the wheel? The answer is Japan’s maglev technology still use wheels, so they named it as Linear Shinkansen.Khach Japanese hotel.

2 Hotels in Japan
To get a good accommodation in Japan you should be prepared in advance, prior to that scheduled for 2-3 months. Especially during the cherry blossom season in Japan room always full.

Reservations easy and convenient you can put through Agoda, they also have attractive policies for booking. Or you may contact: www.dulichthienthai.vn let us assist you.

Some criteria when hotels when traveling abroad is: cheap, and convenient to move. Certain types of property, such as A-star hotel, hotel Capsule cavity shape, hotels First Cabin (such as airplanes), traditional guesthouses and common rooms. Some locations should be selected:

Tokyo: Shinjuku Station area Asakusa &
Osaka: Shinsaibashi Station & Namba Station
Kyoto: Kyoto Station
V. Review a hotel

1. Shinjuku Prince Hotel ***

The hotel is suitable for families near Studio Alta in Tokyo, in the city center
Located in the heart of Tokyo, the hotel is suitable for families, close to Studio Alta, Shinjuku Isetan and Golden Gai is steps.
The other famous attractions nearby include Shinjuku Isetan Department Store and Takashimaya Times Square.
Restaurant, bar / lounge: In addition to a restaurant, Shinjuku Prince Hotel has a bar / lounge. Other amenities include a coffee shop and wireless Internet access is complimentary.

32-inch flat-screen TV: flat screen TV with digital television channels. Guestrooms also feature bathtubs, high-speed Internet access (wired) is free and refrigerator.

2. Shinagawa Prince Hotel ***
The hotel is suitable for family entertainment close to Joypolis in Tokyo in downtown

The hotel is suitable for families located in Tokyo (Shinagawa), close to Sengakuji Temple, Tokyo Metropolitan Teien Art Museum and Gardens Happoen. The other famous places in nearby Park National Nature Study and Keio University.

+ Swimming pool and tennis court
In addition to a restaurant, Shinagawa Prince Hotel features an indoor pool. Amenities and services include a bar / lounge and cafe.

+ Free Wireless Internet
Televisions come with cable channels. The rooms are also equipped with high-speed Internet access (wired), free wireless Internet access (surcharge) and air conditioning.

3. Hotel Nikko Osaka ****
Romantic 4-star hotel near Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade in Osaka adjacent shopping

Romantic Hotel of Osaka (Namba), close to Shinsaibashi Shopping Arcade, Osaka Science Museum, Osaka and Osaka Castle, Osaka not far away. The other famous attractions nearby Osaka Museum of History Osaka and Tsutenkaku Tower.

10 restaurants, a bar / lounge
In addition to 10 restaurants, Hotel Nikko Osaka features a bar / lounge. Other amenities include a coffee shop and wireless Internet access is complimentary.

Flat screen TV
Flat-panel televisions in guestrooms come with digital channels. Bathrooms feature shower / tub combinations, makeup / shaving mirrors and bidets.

Hotel Monterey La Soeur Osaka 4 ****

Hotel Art Deco architectural style with 3 restaurants in the adjacent shopping Osaka

Spa hotel is located Osaka (Osaka Castle), close to Panasonic Square, Osaka Castle, Osaka Mint Museum and not far away. The other famous attractions nearby Osaka Museum of History Osaka and Theater Brava.

+ Full-service spa treatments
In addition to 3 restaurants, Hotel Monterey La Soeur Osaka also has a spa tub. Amenities and services include a full-service spa and therapy bar / lounge.

+ Wi-Fi
Flat-panel televisions with digital channels. Guestrooms also feature wireless Internet access, complimentary high-speed Internet access (wired) is free and refrigerator.

Note hotel:
In most hotels in Asia are not equipped with toothpaste, toothbrushes, combs, razors and other personal items needed to cry …. To clean and you should proactively prepare themselves from Vietnam.
You have to pay if you use the kind of food and drink in the refrigerator (mini bar) located in the room. Drinking water to the outside fridge is served free.
Phone call from the hotel or watch programs Pay TV (pay TV), you will pay the costs incurred check in procedure.
Send back the room key to the hotel reception (Key Drop) whenever leaving the hotel (as if lost will be punished) and bring the hotel address card when you go out or while visiting to prevent stray .
Money should not leave jewelry in the room when leaving the hotel.
Dirty clothes can wash laundry or rent property. If put on dirty clothes basket will automatically take away property and guest laundry will pay. Use of hotel services such as laundry, taxi call thanks … service at an additional cost of 20-30%.
Free services at the hotel include a swimming pool, gym.
VI. Japanese Cuisine
Japanese dishes are not too spicy abuse that focus highlighting fresh flavor, natural purity of food. Taste Japanese cuisine often ethereal, gentle and natural fit each season.

The Japanese rice rolled in seaweed sheets of dark green, form the sushi, is considered the real state of Japan. In addition, the dishes prepared from soy has special importance in Japanese cuisine.

About drinks, popular with Japanese tea dresses, pure green tea powder processed by the teacher; this is the main tea for tea ceremony, this ritual follow four main principles “harmony, glasses, bar, net”. Sakamai rice wine with high concentrations name sake, derived from the Shinto ceremonies are also popular.

Additionally, Japanese cuisine also shows subtle aesthetic thinking and ingenuity of the cook when furnished with only a few pieces at a corner dishes, so diners can see the beauty of the items contained dish.

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